Michigan Coast
Holly Wright
Holly Wright, National Park Enthusiast

Holly Wright is an illustrator, developing naturalist, hiker, “water nerd” and steward.

Living in Northern Michigan, in proximity to a multitude of trails, bio-diverse habitats and water accesses, suits Wright just fine; opportunities to explore, observe, enjoy, and learn from the outdoors are endless. Wright suggests that a walk in the woods or a trek along a shoreline can convey a story to those who listen; a story of centuries and fleeting moments, recorded in the deep basins of lakes carved by glaciers, left in the last snowy footprint of a rabbit torn from the ground by an owl; a story of water, connection, struggle and bounty and life. This the story that Wright craves to hear, to share, and to protect.

Winter Birdwatching

Wintertime in Michigan can present certain challenges, but it also brings a powerful beauty to the landscape of the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore; rolling ice features transform each stretch of shoreline into frontiers of alien planets; glistening snow lays heavy on boughs of white pines…

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