About Leelanau County

Some people call it God’s country.

We’re lucky enough to call it home. Located in Northwestern Lower Michigan, Leelanau County– a thin peninsula jutting into Lake Michigan– is both surrounded by water and filled with water. It has the second highest concentration of water of any county in the United States. The seasons dominate here. Most of our guests know the summer, when the mild climate is obviously appealing. Those of us who live here are equally fond of the fall, with its spectacular colors and brisk temperatures. And while winter can be harsh, we also  treasure the stark beauty and peace of  the snow-covered landscape.

The county is predominantly rural, though towns like Glen Arbor, Leland, Northport, and Suttons Bay offer a surprisingly wide range of culinary and cultural choices. The predominant industries are tourism and agriculture. Increasingly, the two industries are starting to converge, as travelers seek out the stunning wineries and orchards that are so characteristic for the region. 

The population has a population of about 20,000, though there are many more who consider Leelanau a home away from home, as the region offers a wide range of recreational, real estate, and health care resources for seasonal or retirement homes. 


You can get away to a place where the common pressures of everyday life give way to the…