Planning Tips & Ideas

Guest list, seating chart, floral arrangements, band or DJ, registry, honeymoon, signature colors, signature cocktails, linens, dresses, toasts... if wedding planning has you overwhelmed, we're here to help. There's no one-size fit all wedding,  so there aren't very many planning tips that  apply equally to all weddings. There is, however, one thing we suggest to anyone who wants to get married in beautiful Leelanau County– start by choosing a venue. Once you choose a venue, they can use their experience in the industry, plus their knowledge of their specific location, to help you make other decisions. It's a good first step no matter where you're holding your wedding,  but if you're in the market for a  destination wedding, it's  especially important to book your venue as soon as possible. The experts at your venue can help you to choose  other vendors, and can often offer discounted travel so you can test catering or choose services in person.