Brian Walters

Beer Cuisine

Some of the region's best food can be found with your pint! By Kim Schneider | Foodie If your server suggests a “dark and nutty porter with a nice malt balance” with your supersized stack of pancakes, or maybe a blonde ale with Simcoe hops with your scrambled eggs and bacon, you just may be ready to…

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Go On A Mushroom Treasure Hunt

Looking for a laundry list of worthless tips about where and how to find morels in Leelanau County? Read no further. What a newbie really needs is some on-the-ground training—someone to actually show you what you’re looking for and how to recognize the perfect conditions for finding it. By Bob Butz…

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Searching for Spring - At Three Special Spots

Some call it “sprinter” — the tumultuous transition from winter to spring, when Mother Nature can’t seem to make up her mind. Gorgeous weather one day, a dusting of snow the next. I’m loving the touch-and-go “sprinting,” though, because after a long winter up north, I feel obliged to savor every…

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