Brian Walters

Welcome to the (Farm) Club

A restaurant on a farm, selling produce and baked goods, brewing ales and cider in house? It just makes sense. The farm literally couldn’t be any closer to the table. Farm Club lies nestled on 35 acres of farmland just 7 miles north of downtown Traverse City, and easily accessed by the TART trail…

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Overwintering at 9 Bean Rows

How does a Leelanau County farmer spend the winter months? For 9 Beans Rows’ Nic Welty, it’s about “lasagna gardening.” Yes, you read that right. For Welty, winter in northern Michigan means a multitude of responsibilities both on his property and in the surrounding community. Since starting a CSA…

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Finding Green This Winter

For lovers of leafy greens, nothing beats a Caesar Salad — especially one made with a homemade dressing. Here’s the scoop on finding great local greens this winter along with a cool trick for growing your own on the window sill from salvaged scraps. Anchovy filets, egg yolk, garlic and Dijon mustard…

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