Brian Walters

Lighthouse Keeper Wanted

Applications are now being accepted for the position of volunteer lighthouse keeper on South Manitou Island for the 2015 summer. Volunteers must be able to work 32 hours a week for at least six weeks. Duties include greeting visitors, providing interpretive tours of the lighthouse, light cleaning…

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Post Holiday De-Stress Tips

It's no secret that most people spend more time during the holidays focused on everyone but themselves...there are the gifts, the parties, the decorating, the baking. By the time the New Year hits you're likely to be beyond overwhelmed, clear into exhaustion and possibly a prime candidate for a cold…

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New Wine Tasting Event to Benefit Leelanau Food Pantries

Throughout centuries, French winemakers developed the concept of terroir by observing the differences in wines from different regions, vineyards, or even different sections of the same vineyard. Terrior is the the set of special characteristics that the geography, climate and geology of a certain…

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