There's no doubt that Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore is known for possessing some of the world's most stunning scenery.  So when in the area, it is not uncommon to spot visitors, and even locals, capturing its innate beauty through the lens of their iPhone or camera.  As temperatures drop, you may find yourself wanting to cuddle up in the warmth of your home instead of venturing outside - but not photographer Mark Lindsay. 

By Hanna VanDuzen | Photography Enthusiast

Point Betsie LighthouseThe endless stunning scenery of the area can easily make the frigid winter temperatures seem a little more bearable.  From sand dunes to ice caves, there's no shortage of remarkable landscapes in Northern Michigan.  So understandably, Mark Lindsay's favorite style of photography is in fact landscape.  What separates Lindsay's photographs from all others is his incredibly unique use of perspective.  He shoots with Nikon digital gear with wide-angle lenses to allow viewers to feel as if they are in the frame.  It's as though they are experiencing the location firsthand.

Snowy frosty trees of Sleeping Bear Dunes

How does he capture the exquisite frost-filled photos like the one shown to the left?  Lindsay says he is always prepared for the biting cold weather that awaits.  He actually uses the frigid temperatures as a challenge for himself to have proper gear and equipment always onhand.  That, along with his love of winter, is ultimately what motivates him to get outside and conquer the season and beauty that is Leelanau. 

Lake Michigan Ice Balls

The below-freezing temperature of Lake Michigan in the midst of winter may quite literally take your breath away, but so will the photos of it. Retaining its vibrant blue color throughout the year, the big lake is naturally one of Lindsay's favorite spots to shoot.  In this photo, you can see how Lindsay captured a what the Huffington Post calls a natural phenomenon of ice balls that will form on the shores of Lake Michigan when conditions are just right.  Lindsay describes the Great Lake as "ever-changing and beautifully always makes for brand new beauty" and I could not have said it better myself.

Snowy Dune Grass of Lake Michigan

Inspired by the striking colors, distinctive shadows, and various shapes in nature, Lindsay says he "enjoys sharing [his] images with others who are also moved by the beauty that not only surrounds but truly does include." 

Mark Lindsay looking for the unique perspective.When trying to capture that perfect photographic moment, you might have to go to some unexpected lengths to get there.  Lindsay said that it is not uncommon for him to stray from the shore and that he often brings a ladder with him to shoots. He will even go as far as digging holes in the ground or snow to find the best possible level for a shot.  And that's not all he's willing to you can see in the photo above, he's prepped himself with the appropriate gear and submerged into the lake to conquer a unique perspective.

Don't be afraid to step ouside of the house during these chilly months of winter.  You never know what images you might capture.  It could be with an extravagant camera, or even a cell phone - any picture taken in the Sleeping Bear Dunes area is a picture worth sharing!

More on Mark Lindsay:

Born in Northest Lower Michigan, Mark Lindsay has always held Michigan's natural beauty close to his heart.  An avid hiker and backpacker, he has travled through some of Northern Michigan's most secluded and very pristine wilderness.  Needing to help tell the story, his camera has traveled alongside him.  His passion for capturing nature's true beauty is evident, through the images he captures.  The Lake Michigan shoreline and the surrounding communities hold a special place in Mark's heart.

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