Many visitors are familiar with charming log cabin perched on the hill next to Inspiration Point, overlooking Glen Lake. Locals have admired the cabin since 1929 when the cabin was built by Mary and George Faust. Today, the National Park Service owns the building and is working with volunteers from Preserve Historic Sleeping Bear to make necessary repairs so that the building might one day be open to the public.

A Frank Lloyd Wright Connection

According to PHSB director Susan Pocklington, the history of the Faust Cabin starts with Mary Faust who, as a college botany student, fell in love with the views of the Glen Lakes and the Manitou Passage. Later, she and her husband, George, purchased the property from Glen Haven entrepreneur D.H. Day before hiring Chicago architect Frank Sohm, a student of Frank Lloyd Wright, to design their vacation home.

For the next 50 years, Mary spent up to nine months every year at the cabin and was joined by her family in the summers. An ardent gardener and naturalist, Mary landscaped and kept the cabin grounds and a large garden across the road.

History In The Remaking

After Mary’s death in 1977, the Faust family used the cabin as a greatly treasured seasonal home. Their desire to see it protected and open to the public eventually led to their selling it to the National Park Service.

Though beautifully preserved through the years, an estimated $132,000 of repairs needs to be done to protect it for the future. PHSB Direct Pocklington says that, in 2015, generous donors helped PHSB fund $10,600 to appraise the original furniture (which will remain in the cabin) and to begin window restoration. In 2016, PHSB is hoping to raise funds to meet the estimated $132,000 in expenses to continue restoration work, including foundation repair, lead and mold abatement, electrical upgrades and more.

PHSB is currently looking for donors. To support this preservation project, or preservation of any of the historic structures in the Lakeshore, please contact Preserve Historic Sleeping Bear at 231-334-6103, or visit their website at