In case you missed it: Last week, ABC World News Tonight’s David Muir closed out Wednesday night’s broadcast with a report from Northern Michigan and a glimpse of a Glen Arbor ice cave that has gotten a lot of attention recently. Then, over the weekend, MLIVE captured some great ice cave photos from a “new” locale further south.

Check out the links to the online report and the photos, and find out how a popular destination known to summertime beachgoers is now drawing big crowds looking to make some ice cave memories of their own.



Since the Sleeping Bear Visitors Bureau first clued readers in on Eric LaPaugh’s discovery of a small ice cave just offshore near the town of Glen Arbor, the little cavern on frozen Lake Michigan has received some mighty big attention and national exposure. Click here to check out the news footage and watch close to see if you can spot the local landmark that reveals its location.

Glen Arbor isn’t the only local spot to catch a glimpse of these icy formations. MLIVE reporter Sue Thoms trekked out onto the frozen lake near Empire and Otter Creek this past weekend and brought back this captivating collection of photos.

The pictures are worth a look. With warmer temperatures in the forecast, the ice on Lake Michigan definitely won’t be safe for foot traffic very much longer. If you’re planning a visit in the coming days, first check out the blog of the Leelanau County Sheriff’s Office or give the office a call to check on ice conditions before you head out.