You’ll have to wait a little longer to check out the new 3.8-mile segment construction crews have been working on since spring. The Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail announced this week that construction on the new stretch has encountered a slight snag—namely the construction of the 500-foot boardwalk along the edge of Narada Lake.

Heritage Trail Development Director Pam Darling explains.


When it’s finished, the next segment of the Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail will extend from Port Oneida Road to Bohemian Road. This new segment will add 3.8 miles to the 13 miles of previously completed trail. The trail will be comprised of 1.8 miles of crushed aggregate within Port Oneida Rural Historic District, 1.8 miles of asphalt and boardwalk along Narada Lake. 

But here—along the 500-foot boardwalk section—is where Pam Darling says construction crews recently hit a slight snag.

“It’s a classic one-little-thing-leads-to-another problem,” she says. “Crews had to change to make a slight change with the helical support pilings they were using for the boardwalk section. When they did that, they had to change the kind of clips they were using to safely attach the boards to the foundation framework. These new clips have to be specially fabricated, which means we now plan to resume construction on July 5th with a new, anticipated completion date of August 1st.”

Darling herself was out biking this week on the new section of trail from Port Oneida to Basch Road, which opened to the public last week. She advises bikers and hikers that the trail beyond Basch Road is closed and considered an active construction zone. Please respect the barricades.

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