Michigan Coast
Hanna VanDuzen, Photography Enthusiast
Hanna VanDuzen, Photography Enthusiast

Hanna is a student at Michigan State University where she is studying Psychology as an undergraduate.  She is planning to pursue a career in Dentistry and apply for Dental school after graduation in 2022.  As a lifelong resident of Leelanau, Hanna has always had a passion for art, photography, and writing.  She enjoys connecting with local photographers and videographers who portray the beauty of Leelanau and the Sleeping Bear Dunes.

Summer Nostalgia

Usually, during this time of the year, businesses are gearing up for summer, getting ready for the flood of people venturing back up north to their homes or rentals. Locals are typically anticipating the upcoming months of chaos. Chaos in the best way possible. During the colder months, the small…

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