Manitou Moments Photography Competition

This is your Manitou. The place that you come to escape, the place where you rediscover the joys of spending time with the people you love, and who love you. The place where you remember how important it is to spend time in the great outdoors, and where you allow yourself to be indulged with fine food, world-class shopping, or a great massage.

This is your Manitou, but we’re asking you to share it with us. The first seasonal “Manitou Moments” photography competition is looking for your photographs of the landscape, amenities, and people who make the Sleeping Bear Dunes special to you. More specifically, we’re looking for photographs that capture the theme of “New Beginnings.” Send us pictures of the date that made you fall in love with your partner; of children discovering the joys of the dunes; of new friends; or of the landscape coming back to life after a hard winter.

The contest will open immediately and will accept entrants until the 1st of September. Prizes will be awarded on the 15th of September. Submissions for each seasonal contest will begin immediately following the close of the previous contest.  Entrants are encouraged to submit a caption to explain their photograph and how it reflects the contest’s theme. Ten finalists will be determined by a jury of Visitors Bureau staff and the final prizes will be awarded based on the number of "likes" each photo receives on Facebook.

Schedule for Seasonal Contests:

  • Summer
    Entry period begins June 15th and continues through September 1st.  Top 10 announced September 2.  Voting September 3-13.  Winners announced and prizes to be awarded by September 15th. 

  • Fall
    Entry period begins September 2nd and continues through November 30th. Top 10 announced December 1st.  Voting December 3-13.  Winners announced and prizes to be awarded by December 15th. 

  • Winter
    Entry period begins December 1st and continues through March 30th.  Top 10 announced April 1st.  Voting April 3-13.  Winners announced and prizes to be awarded by April 15th.  

  • Spring
    Entry period begins April 1st and continues through June 15. Top 10 announced June 16.  Voting June 18-28. Winners announced and prizes to be awarded by June 30th.